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You’re in business to help people do something more efficiently or help them get more value out of life. But while doing this, your aim is also to discover more efficient ways to offer your solutions to the world. This could involve reaching more people or serving those already on your books more effectively. A Chatbot can be to you, what your product or service is to your customers: a tool for getting better results.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs that simulate conversations with humans. They do this with the help of what’s called Natural Language Processing. It allows them to comprehend human language by converting it to data and then respond by changing data into a language you and I understand. You’ll mostly find them on instant messaging apps and onsite live chat apps. And they act primarily as digital guides or virtual assistants. 

Recently, these smart programs have become all the rage in the business world, so much so that 80% of businesses currently want their own chatbots. Make no mistake; chatbots are not some fancy software that only makes you look better than the competition. They offer genuine value that can contribute to your business’ growth. Take a quick look at some of the benefits they provide, and you just might want yours too.

Benefits of Chatbots in Sales

Improved Customer Experience

Satisfied customers are happy customers, and happy customers will most likely be recurrent patrons. Chatbots can give you satisfied customers all day long. For one, these programs can help your visitors find what they want on your website quickly. With this, you would take out the frustration people might face from navigation issues. 

Also, chatbots serve as the perfect support for shoppers, and boy do shoppers need help! 83% of customers claim they require assistance during shopping. What’s more, people are likely going to have questions regarding your offerings. Chatbots can answer frequently asked questions like product and shipping details, pricing, and so on. That way, people will get immediate replies to simple queries, and your customer service reps can focus on more complex inquiries. 

Round the Clock Availability

If only humans could work round the clock and stay sane. They can’t, but customers don’t care. In fact, 51% of people want businesses to be accessible 24/7. So the question now is, how do you make this happen without breaking the bank? By using Chatbots, that’s how.

These programs neither get tired nor need sleep. In other words, they can always attend to people. You can ditch all your worries about time zones and business hours. It means your business can listen to most inquiries 24/7 since your chatbots will be on hand after your customer service reps have gone to bed. This way, customers can get speedy responses to queries. You wouldn’t also have to miss out on deals just because prospects can’t find adequate support after business hours.

Increased Customer Engagement

Without chatbots, you would have to wait for your website visitors to make inquiries before reaching out to them. But chatbots offer a more proactive method to engage prospects and customers. 

Once people arrive on your site, your chatbots will immediately shoot them a message asking what they need. They will engage them like human customer service reps and provide helpful information about your brand, products, or services.

You can make this even more intriguing by injecting some personality into your chatbots. A little humor or quirk wouldn’t hurt as long as it aligns with your brand’s voice. It could serve as an extra means to thrill customers and offer an improved experience. 

Get Relevant Consumer Insights

Since chatbots interact with humans, they can help gather data useful in making better business decisions. A simple way to do this is by setting them up to monitor consumer behavior and create more personalized experiences for users. They would suggest products that might be a good fit for visitors based on their preferences, search, and purchase history. And this can lead to more conversions since customers seek convenience and aren’t averse to taking recommendations from chatbots. In fact, more than one in three Americans would be willing to buy through a chatbot. 

Improved Lead Generation, Qualification, and Nurturing

Chatbots are a cost-effective way to generate leads. They can engage visitors and turn them into leads by offering details of your product or service or answering their questions.

In addition to generating leads, chatbots can whittle down the list of prospects and quickly get you to those who are a good fit for you. They can do this by analyzing the data visitors provide, like their budget, preferences, company details, etc. Chatbots can then use the data collected from visitors to direct quality leads to the sales team. A simple way to set this process up is by outlining a set of qualifying questions your chatbots should ask visitors.

Final Words

There’s no doubt that chatbots offer a lot of benefits. But you can’t just chuck them on your site or any other outlet and hope they do their thing. You need to ensure they are bug-free and have been assigned specific and explicit tasks. Whatever tone they use in communicating also needs to align with your brand voice, and their responses have to be apt. Set up your chatbots right, and you can improve all business operations leading up to sales.


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