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Our mission is to help businesses achieve sustainable growth through innovative sales, marketing, and business development strategies. We believe that success is not just about increasing revenue but also about building long-term relationships with our clients and creating a positive impact on their business.

We empower businesses to reach their full potential and become leaders in their respective industries.

Sales Source 9-step Growth Process incl. tools, templates and resources.(FREE)

What is Outbound Growth Hacking?

Outbound growth hacking is a type of marketing strategy that involves reaching out to potential customers or clients through various channels such as email, social media, advertising, cold-calling, and direct mail.

The main goal of outbound growth sales & marketing is to generate leads and create opportunities for sales by proactively seeking out potential customers.

Outbound sales & marketing can be effective in generating leads and closing sales quickly and, can be an effective strategy when used in combination with other marketing tactics. It’s important to tailor the approach to the specific needs and preferences of the target audience.

Our Services

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in crafting customized outreach campaigns that help businesses connect with their target audience and generate new leads and sales.

We use a variety of techniques and technologies to ensure that our clients’ campaigns are both efficient and effective, including personalized messaging, advanced analytics, and automation tools. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, expand your customer base, or simply improve your brand recognition, we can help!

Sales Funnel Design

Sales funnel design is the process of creating a visual representation of the steps that potential customers go through in the process of becoming a customer. A well-designed sales funnel helps businesses understand how customers move from initial awareness of a product or service to becoming a paying customer, and can help identify areas for improvement in the sales process.
In designing a sales funnel, it’s important to track metrics at each stage, such as conversion rates, to identify areas for improvement and optimize the sales process.

Outbound Sales and Marketing

Outbound sales & marketing involves reaching out to prospects through various channels, such as cold calling, direct mail, email marketing, content creation, advertising, and social media advertising.

Outsourced Outbound Growth Agency is a smart move for businesses looking to grow their sales and customer base.

By outsourcing your outbound sales, you can expect to see increased sales and revenue, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

Sales & Lead Generation

Outbound sales and lead generation are two critical components of a successful sales strategy.

Outbound sales involve reaching out to potential customers who have not yet expressed interest in your product or service.

Lead generation involves identifying and attracting potential customers who may be interested in your product or service.

Both strategies require careful planning and execution to be effective.

Content Creation

Content creation is the process of developing and producing valuable, informative, and engaging content for your audience.

Content can take many forms, including blog posts, social media posts, videos, podcasts, e-books, infographics, and more.

The goal of content creation is to attract, engage, and retain your audience by providing them with valuable information that solves their problems or meets their needs.

Data Analytics & Research

Data analytics and research are essential components of effective sales and marketing strategies.

They allow businesses to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and trends, and to make data-driven decisions that optimize their sales and marketing efforts.

By leveraging data to gain insights into customer behavior and market trends, businesses can make more informed decisions and optimize their sales and marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a type of digital advertising that uses social media platforms to promote products or services to target audiences.

Social media advertising allows businesses to reach a large audience, target specific demographics and interests, and track the performance of their campaigns.

By identifying your target audience, choosing the right social media platforms, and creating compelling ad content, businesses can create effective social media advertising campaigns that drive results.

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The Process

Sales Source developed a structured 9 step process to set up a successful growth strategy.


Define your target audience

The first step is to identify the target audience that the business wants to reach. This may involve researching demographics, industries, and other factors that can help to identify potential customers.


Create buyer personas

Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of a business’s ideal customers, based on research and data. Creating buyer personas involves the a number of steps that need to be taken.


Develop messaging

Once the target audience has been identified, the business needs to develop messaging that will resonate with them. This may involve creating marketing materials such as email and LinkedIn templates, scripts for cold calling,  or social media posts.


Create your marketing assets

Now it’s time to create the marketing assets that will attract and engage your target audience. This may include things like landing pages, social media posts, email campaigns, and content marketing pieces.


Set up your lead generation process

Once you have your marketing assets in place, it’s time to set up your lead generation process. This includes things like creating lead magnets, setting up landing pages, and developing email capture forms.


The lead nurturing process

When you capture leads, you need to nurture them. This means developing a sequence of emails that educate and inform your leads about your product or service, and help them understand why it’s the best solution for their needs.


Establish your sales process

Now it’s time to establish your sales process. This may include things like creating a sales script, developing a sales funnel, and setting up LinkedIn and email automation and a CRM system to manage your leads.


Brief the sales team

With your sales process in place, it’s time to brief and train your sales team. Make sure they understand the sales process, know how to use the CRM system, the available tools, and are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to close deals.


Track your metrics

Finally, it’s important to track your metrics. This includes things like monitoring the number of leads generated, the conversion rates at each stage of the funnel, and the lifetime value of your customers. Use this data to make informed decisions about how to optimize your funnel and improve your results over time.

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How we work?

Working with Sales Source Growth Agency

Full service growth agency

Sales Source is will take care of the entire process from start to finish, or just part of the process, you are in control.


Onboarding is a crucial process for any growth campaign. Effective onboarding can lead to higher conversion rates, increased customer retention, and a stronger brand reputation. 


Hybrid pricing refers to our pricing strategy that combines partly fixed and partly commission based cost structure to work with Sales Source.


Bi-weekly reporting and online meetings are an effective way to optimize results and track performance. This helps us to stay aligned, identify and address issues quickly, and track progress towards goals.


We will monitor progress and make sure we tweak our efforts for optimal conversion. Optimizing and scaling your sales and marketing efforts is critical for driving growth and achieving business objectives.

Why do your clients buy from you?

Sales Source Research is dedicated to improving your value proposition and product market fit.
Market research and business intelligence company for SMB’s in B2B.

We conduct qualitative & quantitative research to establish what the best approach is in your market in order to get the most out of your sales efforts (increase conversion), and reduce churn or loss of clients by increasing the value you offer to your existing client base

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