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Your access to international markets

Market Driven Value Proposition Research

We understand why our existing clients buy from us, but we need to validate and further develop our value proposition for NEW markets or verticals. HOW?-100 cold leads with the same characteristics as your existing clients. COST: € 3250,- per market Comment: YES to receive the presentation and example report. #productmarketfit #businessdevelopment #growth #sales #valueproposition…
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The Evolution of Sales

Introduction Sales is the process of convincing potential customers to buy a product or service, and it has been around for centuries. Over time, the way we sell products has evolved significantly, from simple bartering and face-to-face sales to the digital age of e-commerce and social media marketing. In this blog, we will explore the…
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According to Capterra, every $1 spent on email marketing yields an average return of $44.25. Little wonder everyone is building an email list these days. But as rife as the trend is, not many can boast of impressive results in the form of quality leads and frequent conversions. Maybe you’ve struggled to make the most…
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It’s normal to instantly think of ease when you hear automation. But what’s comfort without productivity and results? A floundering business, that’s what. If you are going to justify the funds spent on setting up your marketing automation software, you would have to adopt smart strategies. Wondering what some of these practices are? Dive right in and find out.